Frequency width of open channels in multiple scattering media

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TitleFrequency width of open channels in multiple scattering media
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
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AuthorsJ. Bosch, S. A. Goorden, and A. P. Mosk
JournalOpt. Express
Date Published11/2016
Keywordsmultiple scattering media, open channels



We report optical measurements of the spectral width of open transmission channels in a three-dimensional diffusive medium. The light transmission through a sample is enhanced by efficiently coupling to open transmission channels using repeated digital optical phase conjugation. The spectral properties are investigated by enhancing the transmission, fixing the incident wavefront and scanning the wavelength of the laser. We measure the transmitted field to extract the field correlation function and the enhancement of the total transmission. We find that optimizing the total transmission leads to a significant increase in the frequency width of the field correlation function. Additionally we find that the enhanced transmission persists over an even larger frequency bandwidth. This result shows open channels in the diffusive regime are spectrally much wider than previous measurements in the localized regime suggest.

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