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 Links in Twente 

* Department of Science and Technology
   o Chair of Laser Physics
   o Chair of Optical Techniques

 * MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology 
   o Research Orientation "Applied Nanophotonics"

* Twente Graduate School program "Advanced Optics"

Related research
Links are grouped in three subgroups: main interest in localization, photonic bandgaps, and random lasers. If more subjects apply we have chosen the one with the lowest number. If you wish us to include a link to your group, please e-mail us.

* Localization:
   o Florence experimental group (Diederik Wiersma)
   o Hong Kong theory group (Ping Sheng)
   o Konstanz soft condensed matter group (Georg Maret)
   o New York CUNY group (Azriel Genack)

* Photonic Bandgaps:
   o Belarus group (Sergei Gaponenko)
   o Imperial College theory group (John Pendry)
   o Department of physics and Center for soft matter research at New York University (David Pine)
   o Iowa State (K.M. Ho and Costas Soukoulis)
   o MIT theory group (John Joannopoulos)
   o Toronto (ultrafast) optics group (Henry van Driel)
   o Toronto theoretical optics group (Sajeev John)
   o UCLA Engineering (Eli Yablonovitch)

* Random Lasers:
   o Leiden mesoscopic theoretical physics (Carlo Beenakker)
   o Spectra Science Co. (Nabil Lawandy)

* Nano Science:
   o Condensed Matter and Interfaces group (Vanmaekelbergh c.s.)
   o Amolf NanoOptics group (Kobus Kuipers)
   o Amolf opto-electronic materials group (Albert Polman)

General Physics Links
* American Physical Society (APS)
* (British) Institute of Physics (IOP)
* European Physical Society (EPS)
* FOM (Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie) supported by NWO
* PhysNet (Physics Departments Network)